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Axis Bank Personal Loans

Axis Bank Personal Loan offers faster personal loan sanctioning. You can avail a personal loan from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 40 lakhs with minimal documentation and quick sanctioning from Axis Bank. A Personal Loan is ideal for a range of purposes. Whether it is planning a vacation or renovating your home or purchasing household items, you can use them the way you want. Axis Bank also offers the facility to transfer the existing loan from different provider to Axis Bank.

axis bank personal loan interest rate

Interest rates – Interest rates from 10.49%

Loan amount – Upto Rs. 40 Lakhs

Minimum Monthly Salary – Rs. 15000

Minimum Loan amount – Rs. 50000

Processing Fee – Up to 2% of loan amount + GST


Eligibility for Axis Personal Loans

  • Salaried Employees 
  • Government Sector Employees
  • Minimum salary of Rs. 15000 per month
  • Individuals aged between 21-60 years of age
  • Minimum credit score of 650+ atleast

Charges in a personal loans

Interest rates

10.49 – 22%

Part Payment /Pre-payment Charges

5% + GST

Stamp Duty 

As per State stamp act

Penal Interest

@24% pa

CIC Report issuance charges

Rs. 50 per instance per set + GST

Documents required for Axis Personal Loan

  • Duly Filled Application Form with latest photo
  • KYC Documents (Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar, PAN)
  • Latest 2 months salary slip
  • Last 2 bank statements with salary credit
  • One year employment proof
  • Loan agreement and ECS Form
  • Self-attested on all the documents

Tips to improve Personal Loan eligibility at Axis Bank

  • Maintain a good credit score: Typically, a credit score of 750 and above is considered as a good credit score. It indicates that you have higher capability to repay the loan. In such cases, banks view you as a good customer and sanction loans without any hesitation.
  • Avoid applying for multiple loans: Applying for loans at multiple banks will give the impression that you are credit hungry and impact your credit score significantly. This may cause the bank to charge a higher interest rate for your personal loan
  • Do not default on your EMIs: It is important that you pay the EMIs on time. If you use credit cards regularly, it is important that you settle the dues on time. Not paying the EMis or credit card balance, may negatively impact your credit score and hamper your loan prospects
  • Keep the EMIs in control: You have to plan your monthly budget in a way that your debt obligation does not exceed more than 50% of your monthly income. In the event your dues are more than 50% of your salary, banks might reject your loan application as they would fear about your repayment ability. To avoid this, you can reduce the amount that you are asking as a loan and arrange for funds out of your pocket

How to Apply for a Loan at Axis Bank?

  • Evaluate your requirements and estimate the exact loan amount you would need
  • Check the bank’s eligibility conditions and find if you fit their eligibility criteria
  • Check the rate of interest offered for your loan and use EMI calculator to determine the exact amount you would pay on a monthly basis
  • If you are a existing customer, you can apply for personal loan on bank’s mobile app or in their website or apply at Fincover.
  • The advantage of applying at Fincover is that you can get to compare the loan interest rates of different lenders 
  • Provide the documents required for KYC, address proof, and income proof along with the duly filled in application form
  • Bank will scrutinize your application and documents and determine how much amount that can be sanctioned. If your application is rejected, you will get to know at this point
  • If your loan is approved, you will receive the amount credit to your bank
Personal Loans by Bank
Banks prefer a credit score of 750 and above as the ideal credit score for sanctioning any kinds of loan
Axis bank’s application processing time normally takes around 4 working days, provided all the documents submitted are in order.
The processing charge to avail a Axis Bank Personal Loan ranges between 1.5% to 2% of the loan amount plus GST as applicable.