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Types of Insurance Available


Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal contract between the insurance company and you, the car owner, that protects you if your vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Two Wheeler Insurance

Your bike is your most prized possession. Whether you show off in front of friends or rely upon it to travel to work or with family, it is a valuable part of your life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a legal sign up between the policyholder and the insurance company by which the company will pay a sum of money in return to the premiums

Health Insurance

Health crises strike without prior notice, regardless of age, gender, or health profile. It is better to be prepared financially with a good health insurance plan.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a great option when you travel for business or leisure, within the country or abroad, as it provides financial backup in case of an adverse situation.

Home Insurance

Buying a home is often considered a significant achievement in our lives. After purchasing the same, it’s necessary to make a checklist of things that are needed.
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“Buy insurance!” This is advice all of us have heard. Most people ignore it as an unnecessary expense. 

But insurance, whether life, motor or health, is an essential investment no matter what your age or financial status is. It also looks complex and scary. Fincover is here to bust that myth and make buying insurance simple and easy.Insurance is the foundation of your investments for the simple reason that we  don’t know what the future has in store

The head of the family could die, somebody could get a stroke and road accidents happen every day. During these disasters it is insurance that acts as a safety net , coming to your aid at a time of financial need. 

What is Insurance?

Insurance is a way to protect yourself against financial loss. You pay a premium to insure your life, health, car, homes or other assets. When there is a financial loss relating to them, the insurance company compensates you. It could be a fire at home, an accident that damages your car or death of a family member. These risks of yours are transferred to the insurance company through an insurance policy.

An insurance policy is a legal contract between two parties, namely the policy-holder and the insurance company. Insurance is available for various risks from your mobile to your health and life.


How to choose the best Insurance policy?

India has 57 insurance companies offering thousands of insurance policies, each complex in its own way. So, decision making is tough.

At Fincover, you can simply key in your details and get insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies to compare and contrast. Buying the policy best suited to you is just a click away!

Why Insurance Policy is important?

Vast majority of India remains uninsured and it is a genuine cause of worry. Without insurance, you and your family be subjected to financial turmoil in the event of emergencies. So, it is important as to why everyone must opt for a certain type of insurance policy apart from the mandatory ones like car and bike insurance, few more reasons are,

  • Protection

    Insurance Plans are useful to people who are looking to protect their famiy, asset, and other valuables to save themselves from all kinds of financial hassles.

  • Medical Contigencies

    By Purchasing a health insurance policy, you can easily tackle all kinds of issues related with medical emergencies, like hospitalization, medical treatment, and any kind of medica care.

  • Unfortunate event

    In the event of demise of the earning member, the family would be let in a financial lurch. By purchasing a life insurance plan, the insurance company will compensate for the livelihood of the family. By purchasing the policy,the family can take care of the commitments like home loans or other debts of the policyholder.

  • Standards of living

    Life Insurance policy will help your standard of living even if you are not around. Without the breadwinner it is incredibly hard for the family to run their daily household, but if the person had purchased an life insurance policy, then the family can survive through lump sum payout. The insurance payouot that you receive may help you cover all the expenditure in the event of death/accident of policyholder.

  • Education Purposes

    Insurance plans can help you protect the future of your children for their education. It will ensure that your children are financially secure and are able to pursue their dreams and ambitions, at all times without any compromises.

  • Investment Opportunity

    Some Insurance plans come with investment options as well. They can help you build wealth for future with regular investments. A portion of the premium that you pay will go into insurance and the rest goes to investments or savings plan based on your choice.

  • Protect your Homes

    Insurance can help you protect your homes in the event of any unforeseen calamity. By buying a proper home insurance plan, you can get coverage for your damages and pay for the cost of repairs or rebuilding, based on the extent of damage. You can also include the valuables inside your home while opting for a home insurance policy as a add-on.

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Fincover.com has tied up with multiple insurance companies and all their policy details have been broken down and programmed into our website. So, when you list your requirements and information, the best insurance options for you are presented. Choosing from a shortlist and making the purchase is all it takes!
Insurance documentation is getting digitalised in a big way in India. Your policy will reach your mailbox directly as soon as you make the purchase. Should you wish to have a hard copy of the policy, we will ensure you get it.
Yes! Our insurance experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions, clear your doubts and walk you through the decision and process of buying the best insurance for your needs.



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