This document outlines the disclaimer that applies to using the Fincover platform including the website www.fincover.com and Fincover mobile app for Android and iOS. The Fincover platform is owned by Finfortune Private Limited. FinFortune Private Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of India and registered under the Company Act, 2013. 

This document constitutes an electronic record under the IT Act, of 2000. Your acceptance of the terms and conditions is important to use the services offered by Fincover.

Liability of our Services

Under no circumstances shall Fincover or any of its contractors, subsidiaries, sister concerns, directors, employees, associates, partners, or suppliers be held liable for any kind of punitive, consequential or inconsequential damages. Such damages may include but are not limited to, losses in investment products. 

Under no circumstances shall Fincover, its directors, employees, or agents be held liable to You or any third party for any damages, liabilities, losses, or causes of action arising from (i) this Agreement; (ii) Your use of or access to the App and/or Website (iii) Your use or inability to use the Services offered by Fincover; (iv) any other interactions with Fincover; or (v) any actions by RTA, AMC, contractor. The maximum amount of liability shall not exceed ₹500 or the amount required by Regulatory guidelines, whichever is lesser.

In all instances, Fincover and their employees, representatives, directors, associates, partners, suppliers, and distributors will not be held liable for any loss or damage that is beyond the Onus of Finfortune pvt ltd. 

User Data

Fincover’s automated systems may gather data on your browsing behaviour or investment decisions to offer customized features like tailored messages and product recommendations. This data is collected to provide you with a list of financial products. However, just because the plan is displayed it should not be constituted as an advice. You have complete freedom to invest in any mutual fund of your choice. Seek advice from financial experts before making any investment decisions

Contingency Process

The availability of services such as Account Information and Maintenance, rely on a secure and uninterrupted connection. Fincover cannot guarantee that such a connection will always be available or free from errors or downtime.

General Disclaimer

All the products listed here were sourced from different companies and grouped into their respective financial categories. Merely listing them here doesn’t mean endorsing the product. Customers have to select any of the financial products (loans, insurance, and investments) at their own discretion

Mutual Funds’ investments are subject to market risks. Read all scheme-related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Investors are investing at their own risk. 

Fincover serves as an intermediary between the User and the company. The company does not offer regulatory, legal, tax or accounting advice for investment products. Users should obtain professional advice, including tax advice, before investing and managing their portfolios’ gains and losses. Please note that returns or benefits from Mutual Funds are subject to tax deductions. 

Fincover makes no warranties or representations about the products available on our platform. The information and figures provided on the platform are presented on an “As is” basis and should not be considered as advice. These details are updated through our partners.We are not responsible for failure to ensure standards during Force Majeure Events.

The onus of providing user information

The information displayed on the Fincover platform is obtained from third-party websites and apps over which Fincover has no control. We strive to ensure that the information stays up-to-date. Users must remember that they invest at their own discretion based on this information

  • Returns Graph: The user understands that any returns graph, or investment growth or insurance premiums may vary from time to time. We cannot guarantee that the policy or scheme will benefit you at all times. Fincover assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, and timeliness of the information listed. 
  • Asset Management Company (“AMC”): Information regarding AMC is obtained from third-party vendors, and Fincover has no control over the authenticity of information. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of such data.
  • Interest rates: Interest rates of Financial Institutions are fixed by Financial Institutions which vary from Financial Institution to Financial Institution. The interest rates are ascertained based on the repo rate. We would make our best efforts to update the interest rates of Financial Institution products like loans, FD etc. However, since the interest rates constantly vary on a day-to-day basis, it is best advised to check the official Financial Institution’s website
  • Insurance Policies: We will make our best efforts to provide you with all the information about the insurance policies of all categories. However, we cannot guarantee that the information is correct and updated. We request the user to verify the information and read the policy documents from the respective companies
  • MF Performance & Returns: Fincover receives the returns and other performance details shown on its app from third-party vendors, and it has no control or authority over the legitimacy of the data. So, we can assume no responsibility for the correctness, relevancy, or updation of such data. 
  • Comparison: Fincover receives the comparison features from third-party vendors, and it has no control or authority over the legitimacy of the data. So, we can take no responsibility for the correctness, relevancy, or update of the data
  • Riskometer: The riskometer shown on the Fincover app or website as part of Mutual Fund scheme details is received from third-party vendors, and RAYPRIME has no control or authority over the legitimacy of the data. 
  • Past Performance returns: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, and users should read the scheme-related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.
  • Holdings : The information displayed on the Fincover website regarding mutual fund holdings is obtained from third-party vendors, and Fincover does not have control or authority over the accuracy of the data. The data presented is either obtained directly from third-party vendors or derived from it. While Fincover will make an effort to provide the most up-to-date information, it is not responsible for the correctness, relevance, or timeliness of the data. Users are advised to use their discretion when investing.
  • Credit Card: Credit Cards from multiple financial institutions are listed here and customers are provided the same based on their income proofs and credit repaying ability.
  • KYC / Investment Readiness: Fincover will collect all necessary information from the user for KYC verification for our financial products. During the investment process, this KYC information will be transmitted to RTA. Fincover is not responsible for any delays in processing KYC requests from third-party agencies. AMC, RTA may request additional details for due diligence of the user as required by the regulatory bodies
  • PAN Card Check: The user agrees to provide accurate, complete, and correct PAN Card details. Validation of PAN will be done using the IT department’s PAN database. 
  • IPV / Photo: Fincover be using the photo and video for KYC Verification as per regulations
  • Personal Info: Personal Information will be used to open the account at Fincover. It is the user’s responsibility to provide correct information. The name used here must match with the one in your PAN Card
  • Financial Institution Account Verification: Fincover verifies a user’s Financial Institution Account(s) by checking the Account Holder’s Name against the name provided in their KYC records.
  • Aadhaar Number: To comply with applicable regulations, Fincover will use UIDAI services for the user’s KYC Process. Fincover will use UIDAI services to facilitate the user’s KYC process. 
  • FATCA Declarations: Users must provide accurate FATCA declarations to invest in our platform.
  • Account Opening Forms: Fincover will generate the account opening based on user KYC and forward the information to the relevant RTA
  • Communication Details: Fincover will share the user’s communication details with AMCs/RTAs for transaction-related communication. It’s the user’s responsibility to provide correct information
  • Nominations: User nominees declared at Fincover will be mapped to folios created by AMC invested through Fincover unless it is modified directly by the user directly by interacting with AMC or RTA. We do not have control over rejections by AMC, RTA
  • Credit360: Our Credit360 services allow you to challenge credit report errors with the respective financial institution. To avail, the service, you have to pay a fee. We would try our best to improve your credit score. However, we cannot guarantee that we would be able to repair your credit score at all times. Customer also agrees that he will respect the decision from credit bureaus if their challenge seems to be rejected. 


Fincover provides various value-added services such as MF portfolio insights fund wise Profit and Loss, Capital gain and Tax calculations etc. for our investors. 

  1. MF Portfolio Insights

When it comes to MF portfolio insights, Fincover displays the portfolio holdings and their exposure to investments but does not provide any advice or warranty on future performance since it depends on the underlying asset of capital markets

  1. Statements

Statements provided by Fincover are based on the information we gathered from various AMCs. Any investment decision made by you solely rests on your decision to invest. The figures offered are for representational purposes and do not offer any guarantee on returns. Investors are investing at their own risk. 

  1. Transaction History

You can view the transaction history in our portal, provided by RTA and AMC as per the transactions that you have made. 

Payment Gateway provided by Exchange

Fincover employs a third-party payment gateway to facilitate money transfers, and completed transactions cannot be cancelled. User must use their own Financial Institution else the transaction may be rejected. Users are requested to wait for at least 24 hours for the funds to reflect in the amount. 

  1. UPI

You can transfer funds using UPI. You can initiate the payment from our website/mobile application.

  1. Bank Transfers – IMPS/RTGS/NEFT

Fincover utilizes exchange payment gateway services to provide users with Bank transfer functionality. The turnaround time for payment gateways and banks can vary up to 3-5 working days

  1. Net Banking

Users can use the netbanking facility to transfer funds, which can be initiated through Fincover’s app/website. Users should use their own Netbanking Account while transferring funds. Fincover shall not be responsible for any failed or pending transactions or fraudulent use of Net-banking in any way. 

  1. Mandates

Fincover offers different recurring payment options through mandates. Fincover is not responsible for failed or pending transactions resulting from approved mandates. If there are any modifications in account details or a closed account, users are responsible for updating the mandates.


Please remember for all products except credit fixing we act as a facilitators between the financial institution and customer.

  1. Financial Transactions

Fincover endeavours to process transaction requests for Mutual Funds to the best of its ability. The request will be processed according to business rules and cut-off times in effect. However, Fincover cannot guarantee the processing of requests for system failures. In the event of payment failure at RTA, we will have to rely on the fallback provided by RTA. For insurance premiums, you will be redirected to the payment portal of the insurers from where you can pay the premiums.

  1. Non-Financial Transactions

For Mutual Funds, Fincover will make the best effort to send the transaction request to the RTA. Users must make a note that Fincover merely acts as a facilitator between users and AMC to facilitate non-financial transactions. 

  1. RTA

For Mutual Funds, Fincover will provide transaction data to each RTA (on behalf of respective AMCs) and the transaction will be processed by the RTA according to existing business rules. The transaction time is beyond the control of FincoverThe user understands that Fincover is only acting as a facilitator platform. 

  1. Other Financial Products

For other financial products that do not involve financial transaction, your application will be forwarded to the respective institution that will determine your eligibility for the product and grant you permission (credit card and loans.)