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What is two-wheeler/bike insurance?

Your bike is your most prized possession. Whether you show off in front of friends or rely upon it to travel to work or with family, it is a valuable part of your life.

A Two-wheeler insurance plan protects your bike. If it gets damaged or stolen, you can get compensation to repair or replace it.

If an accident occurs while riding it, you or somebody else can get injured. There can be damage to their vehicle or property, or unfortunately, somebody may lose their life. An insurance policy will come to the rescue in any of these situations.

Need for a two-wheeler/bike insurance

One insurance cover for your bike is compulsory under the law. Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that any motorized vehicle on public roads in India should have third-party liability insurance. This covers you against any claim that can be made by third persons on you for injuries, damage or death related to your bike. Ride your bike without it, and you will face a heavy fine.

Why Two-Wheeler insurance is important? Why Two-Wheeler insurance at Fincover?
  • Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that any motorized vehicle plying on public roads in India should have third-party liability insurance. Third-party liability insurance cover for your bike is compulsory under the law.
  • This covers you against any claim that can be made by third party drivers on you for injuries, damage or death related to your bike. If you ride your bike without it, you will have to face a heavy fine.
  • Buying at Fincover is the easiest way to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy. In just a few seconds, you can buy or renew a policy online.
  • We provide you options to compare and study the terms and premium rates of multiple insurance providers so that you can choose the best policy for your bike.

Why you choose Fincover?


Quick purchase

Like Car Insurance purchase, buying a two-wheeler insurance online is easy at Fincover. It takes only a few minutes to buy or renew a policy. Fincover helps you study and compare the offers of multiple insurance providers, so you can choose the best policy.


Minimises repair cost

The primary need for insurance is to ensure financial support at the time of accident or theft. It also acts as a financial backup to cover the financial loss caused to any third party vehicle/ individual.

Types of two-wheeler/bike insurance

Third-party liability insurance

To protect you from claims of other people who may face a loss like a vehicle or property damage, injuries or death due to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler policy

You can protect against damage or loss of your bike by adding an Own-damage policy to your third-party policy. This is called a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy and is recommended as it gives complete cover.

Add-on Covers

Several useful add-on covers are available at extra cost that will enhance your policy’s value.


Consumables Cover

Covers repair/ service charges for consumables like lubricants, engine oil and nuts.


Breakdown Assistance

If your bike breaks down during travel and you need assistance moving it to a garage, this optional cover will come to your rescue 24*7.


No claim bonus protection

If you have a claim-free year on your bike insurance, you get a significant discount on your bike insurance renewal premium.


Medical expense cover

This add-on cover helps you meet your medical expenses if you have an accident.


Key protection cover

Have you lost the original key to your bike and paid through your nose for a replacement? If you have this add-on cover, it takes care of that expense.


Pillion rider accident cover

A comprehensive bike policy covers the owner or driver of the bike. This add-on provides a personal accident cover for the pillion rider.


Return to invoice

If your bike is damaged beyond repair or stolen, then the insurance company will pay the Insured Declared Value, which is the bike's market value after depreciation.


Depreciation cover

Vehicles depreciate in value, so your claim amount will be reduced to that extent. Take this add-on cover, and you can claim the full cost of your bike.

Benefits of Two-Wheeler insurance

If somebody else suffers a loss because of your bike, their compensation will not be your burden with a third-party liability cover.

The comprehensive bike insurance policy will cover the theft of your bike.

Various additional coverages extend your protection.

Features of two-wheeler/bike insurance

Here are some technical terms in bike insurance

The maximum insurance coverage for the bike in the own damage portion of a comprehensive policy. It is equal to market value less depreciation.
In every claim, you have to bear an amount pre-fixed by the insurance company.
You can choose to bear a portion of every claim in return for a suitable premium discount. This will be over and above.
Pays for damage to third party vehicles or injury or death.
Pays for damage to your vehicle.


There are several reasons why you should apply

two-wheeler/bike insurance claim exclusions:

You cannot make a claim under the following conditions,

  • If your bike policy has expired
  • When the bike is used outside India
  • The damage is caused by war or any nuclear activity
  • There is an electrical or mechanical breakdown 
  • The rider has consumed alcohol or any other drugs
  • The rider does not have a valid driving license 
  • The bike is used for illegal activities
How to buy

How to buy two-wheeler/bike insurance?

Fincover gets you the best insurance available in the market,

  •  Log on to “”
  • Select your bike model
  • Enter your registration number
  • Choose Buy Insurance or Renew Insurance 
  • Insurance policies from various insurance companies will be displayed
  • Analyze and choose the best policy suited to your needs
  • Pay the bike insurance premium using your preferred payment method


You can learn more from our asked questions
It is the maximum coverage that is provided for your two-wheeler under the insurance policy. It is the cost of your bike less depreciation.
Your premium depends on the following:

A. Bike make and model including CC of its engine
B. IDV specified by the insurance company
C.The geographic location of registration
D. Add-on covers
Yes. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is an offence to drive a motorised vehicle on public roads in India without a valid third-party insurance policy.
The first step is to file a complaint in the nearest police station. After this inform the insurance company and file a complaint with the necessary documents including the copy of the FIR.