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Kotak Mutual Fund

Let your financial aspirations find the perfect home with Kotak Mutual Fund. Discover the fund that fetches optimal journey and embark on a long financial journey

History of Kotak Mutual Fund

Established by Uday Kotak in 1985, Kotak was the first non-banking financial company. Kotak Mutual funds is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank limited started in the year 1998. It is the fifth largest Mutual Fund business in India based on quarterly AUM of Mar 2023. They have a comprehensive distribution network empaneling more than 50000 distributors and they have a large customer base of more than 8.1 million investors

Vision and mission


To be the preferred investment partner for Indian investors, delivering superior returns through active management and global expertise

Vision and mission


Kotak Mutual Funds aims to deliver unparalleled value to their investors by constantly innovating their offerings, fostering trust through transparent practices, and placing our customers at the center of everything

Awards and Recognitions of Kotak Mutual Fund

  • Thomson Reuters Lipper India 2019 Fund Awards – India Fund Award for Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund – Regular Plan – Growth Option (5 Years)
  • Thomson Reuters Lipper India 2019 Fund Awards – India Fund Award for Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund – Regular Plan – Growth Option (10 Years)
  • IR Magazine Awards India 2019 – Best Engagement by an Institutional Investor for Pankaj Tibrewal
  • 2019 CIO100 Award

Why Invest with Kotak Mutual Funds?

  • Robust Risk Management System: Kotak Mutual Funds utilizes a sophisticated risk management framework that employs advanced quantitative models and stress testing techniques. This helps them minimize downside risk and protect investor capital better, especially during periods of market volatility.
  • Strong Emphasis on Technology and Innovation: Kotak Mutual Funds has been at the forefront of adopting technology to enhance investor experience. They offer a user-friendly online platform for transactions, fund tracking, and access to research reports
  • Focus on Innovative and Niche Products: Kotak Mutual Funds doesn’t shy away from introducing unique and niche products that cater to specific investor needs and interests. This innovative approach gives investors a chance to tap into potentially lucrative opportunities not readily available elsewhere.
  • Exceptional Customer service and value: Kotak Mutual Funds prioritizes building trust with investors through clear and regular communication, including detailed investment reports and educational resources. They offer a personalized approach, providing investors with dedicated support and guidance to ensure their investment journey is tailored to their individual needs and risk tolerance

Top 5 Performing Kotak Mutual Funds by Category


Fund Name (Direct-Growth)1-Year Return (%)3-Year Return (%)AUM (Cr.)
Kotak Infrastructure and Economic Reform Fund41.0035.241360.04
Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund30.5024.6017782.74
Kotak Small Cap Fund38.6030.4714082.28
Kotak Emerging Equity Fund34.2025.9338519.52
Kotak Alpha Series – Fund for Women 80% Equity-20% Debt30.2022.502251.74


Fund Name (Direct-Growth)1-Year Return (%)3-Year Return (%)AUM (Cr.)
Kotak Banking & PSU Debt Fund7.407.7110714.32
Kotak Gold Bonanza14.4214.216.60
Kotak Ultra Short Duration Fund7.306.64367.07
Kotak Short Duration Fund5.055.83847.52
Kotak Fixed Maturity Fund – Ser 56 (2026)7.647.64190.90


Fund Name (Direct-Growth)1-Year Return (%)3-Year Return (%)AUM (Cr.)
Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund22.4727.485109.39
Kotak Equity Savings Fund14.2117.524825.40
Kotak Multi Asset Fund – Balanced 6515.9318.771553.75
Kotak Multi Asset Fund – Hybrid 7517.8221.57768.23
Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund16.0016.802188.53

How to Invest in the Kotak Mutual Fund Online?

To invest in an Kotak Mutual Fund from the comfort of your home, just follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Log in to your Fincover account.
  • Complete the KYC verification process by Uploading valid documentation and identity proofs as per requirements.
  • Click on Mutual Funds under investments, enter a few details
  • Select the best Kotak Mutual Fund scheme as per your investment horizon and risk appetite.
  • If you’re making a lump sum investment, click on the ‘Buy Now’ option.
  • If you are starting an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), select ‘Start SIP’.