What is IDV in car Insurance?

IDV in Car Insurance

What is IDV in Car Insurance? Multiple factors need to be looked in while buying a car Insurance policy, the important one being IDV which is the short form of Insured Declared Value. An IDV is nothing but the market value of your car. In the event of total damage or theft, it is the […]
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Old Car Insurance

Old or used Car Insurance Car is one of the most convenient ways to commute to our desired destinations. These days, cars have evolved to become a necessity from luxury once upon a time. However, not everyone can afford a new car as they are increasingly getting pricey. So, a lot of people buy used-cars […]
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Best Car Insurance Companies in India

Best Car Insurance Companies in india A Car Insurance Policy protects your offers coverage to your cars against accidents, theft, natural, and man-made calamities. Having a Car Insurance is mandatory according to to Motor Vehicle Act 1988. At present, there are multiple companies offering car insurance policies in India. Each has their own set of […]
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Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

What Is a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?  It is a type of Insurance policy that benefits complete protection for the insured vehicle against all accidents, risks, third-party liability, natural disasters, etc. Comprehensive plans Bajaj Allianz Starting at – ₹ 4100/- 70% discount PA Cover – ₹ 15 Lakh Get quotes Go Digit Starting at – […]
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