What is Travel Insurance? Why is it Important?

Travel is an integral part of our lives. Travelling allows us to get away from the mundane activities and the rough and tumble of our daily lives. With loved ones by our side, it gives us a chance to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. With traveling comes a lot of risks, which is why travel insurance is a must-buy, especially during occasions where we travel abroad.

What is Travel Insurance?

By paying a small premium, travel insurance companies provide you an opportunity to enjoy your travel without worrying about the risks associated with it. Travel insurance covers financial losses that may arise due to flight cancellation, baggage loss, and medical issues that may arise in foreign countries. Some policies even cover losses that may arise back home when you travel abroad such as burglary and threats. A travel insurance policy is available for both domestic and international travel.

Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance Policy

  • Medical Coverage

    Travel Insurance covers all the medical expenses that may arise during your travel period.

  • Trip Cancellation

    If the trip is cancelled or curtailed due to any valid reasons, then the travel insurance will save you from financial losses that you may incur from flight ticket and hotel accomodation.

  • Personal Liability Cover

    In the event of damage to someone's property, a travel insurance policy will help you recover the financial losses.

  • Terrorism related activities

    In the event of any terrorism related activity like hijacking, the travel insurance company will compensate you.

  • Loss of Baggage

    Baggage loss is pretty common during travel and it may give us nightmares. With travel insurance, you can easily recover the amount lost due to loss of baggage.

  • Loss of Passport

    Losing your passport is a frequent issue faced by travellers when they go abroad and it may cause them unnecessary stress and financial loss. Travel insurance policy will help you pay for obtaining the original passport.


Now you know the features and benefits of Travel Insurance policy, you should make a prudent choice of obtaining the right policy that fits your requirement. Fincover houses a collection of travel insurance policies from multiple insurance providers for both domestic and foreign travel. All you need to do is let us know your requirement, we would help you pick the right policy that suits your needs and requirements.


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