Documents Required for Car Insurance Claim

Car insurance comes to your aid when your car involves in an accident. The premium paid for the policy returns to you in the form of benefits during the claim process. Be it the damages to your car or the damages caused by your car to a third party, placing a claim request will turn beneficial. On Indian roads, it is mandatory for every vehicle to have a registered insurance policy. While third-party insurance gets you a cover for the damages caused by your vehicle on any other vehicle, a comprehensive policy covers both the damages of the policyholder vehicle as well as the third party.

There are certain documents that the policyholder will have to submit during the claim process.

Submitting claim request for Theft,

  • Registration Certificate (Original)
  • Police Report (Original)
  • FIR Copy
  • Original Keys of the car
  • Invoice of the car (Original)
  • No tracing report
  • NOC from financier (If applicable)
  • Letter to RTO
  • Copy of RC with the stolen details by the RTO
  • Age and Address proof documents
  • Letter of Subrogation

Submitting claim request for Third-party claim,

  • Claim Form
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Driving License Copy
  • Filed FIR copy
  • Letter of Claim settlement value agreed by policyholder and financier
  • Company Registered original document

Submitting claim request for accidental damages,

  • Claim Form
  • Registration Certificate (Original)
  • Driving License of the individual driving at the time of the accident
  • FIR copy
  • Estimate
  • Original Repair Invoice (Cashless claims)
  • Payment Receipt (Non-cashless claims) 
  • In case of a total loss of vehicle, Original NOC and Form 35 should be submitted.
  • Age and address proof
  • For commercial vehicles, documents like Loan challan, fitness certificate, route permit, and spot survey must be submitted.  
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