History of IndusInd Bank: Pioneering Excellence in Banking

IndusInd Bank, a leading financial institution in India, has been serving its customers with unwavering commitment and a vision to make banking accessible and convenient. Founded on the principles of innovation, customer-centricity, and social responsibility, the bank has emerged as a trusted partner in the financial journey of millions of Indians. Their banking network spans 2606 branches/ Banking outlets and 2875 ATMs spread across India, covering 1,38,000 villages.


IndusInd Bank’s journey began in 1994 when it was established by Srichand P Hinduja along with members of Indian diaspora, with the primary objective of providing world-class banking services to the country. Over the years, it has grown and diversified its offerings, becoming a key player in the Indian banking sector. The bank’s rich history is a testament to its ability to adapt and excel in a dynamic and competitive financial landscape.

Vision and Mission

Vision and mission


IndusInd Bank's vision is to be the most preferred and trusted bank for all its stakeholders. This means not only delivering exceptional financial services but also creating a banking experience that fosters trust, convenience, and inclusivity. The bank aims to lead in innovation and customer satisfaction, ensuring that it remains as the forerunner in the banking sector. To become an equal-opportunity and preferred employer.

Vision and mission


IndusInd Bank's mission is to continuously improve the quality of life of its customers through a comprehensive range of financial services and solutions. The bank strives to do so by understanding and fulfilling the unique financial needs of individuals, businesses, and communities. It is committed to delivering excellence, transparency, and convenience in every interaction.

Inception and Foundation

Founded by Dr. Manmohan Singh, then Finance Minister of India, and Mr. Harish Mahindra, a renowned industrialist, IndusInd Bank received its banking license in 1994. The bank’s establishment marked a significant moment, as it was one of the first new-generation private banks to be set up after India’s economic liberalization.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

IndusInd Bank recognizes its responsibility towards society and is actively engaged in various CSR initiatives. The bank’s CSR efforts are centered around education, healthcare, and community development. It aims to empower underprivileged communities, nurture talent, and contribute to the betterment of society. By fostering sustainable initiatives, IndusInd Bank exemplifies its commitment to being a socially responsible financial institution.

Customer-Centric Approach

IndusInd Bank’s commitment to its customers has been a driving force behind its success. The bank emphasized building strong relationships with its clients and tailored its services to meet their diverse financial needs. This customer-centric approach fostered trust and loyalty among its growing customer base.

Expanding Horizons

As the bank continued to gain momentum, it expanded its operations across the country. Branches and ATMs became widespread, allowing IndusInd Bank to serve customers from various regions. The bank’s comprehensive suite of financial products and services, coupled with its commitment to excellence, attracted a wide range of clients.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Most preferred workplace by Marksmen
  • No 1 Financiers for two consecutive by Escorts Kubarta
  • Outstanding Digital CX Payments & Collection Services at Digital CX Awards 2022
  • Best Bank for ESG India at AsiaMoney Best Bank Award 2022
  • Most customer centric band at 3rd edition of ETCX Summit 2022
  • Meity ranked IndusInd bank as #1 amongst private banks for Digidhan Dashboard
  • Best CIO Award at the recently concluded Bharat Fintech Summit 2023

Products and Services

IndusInd Bank offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Whether you’re an individual looking for savings accounts, personal loans, or wealth management solutions, or a business seeking customized banking and financial solutions, IndusInd Bank has you covered. Some of the key offerings include:

Savings and Current Accounts: Choose from a range of savings and current account options to meet your financial requirements.

Loans: Access a variety of loans, including personal loans, home loans, and business loans, tailored to your specific needs.

Credit and Debit Cards: Enjoy a range of credit and debit card options, each packed with benefits and features to make your transactions seamless.

Wealth Management: Benefit from expert advice and services to grow and manage your wealth effectively.

Corporate and Business Banking: Tailored solutions for businesses, including working capital, trade finance, and treasury services.

Digital Banking: Seamlessly manage your finances through the bank’s user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms.

Investment and Insurance: Explore a wide range of investment opportunities and insurance products to secure your financial future.

IndusInd Bank is committed to providing financial solutions that are not just efficient but also aligned with the evolving needs of its customers, making banking a truly enriching experience.

In summary, IndusInd Bank is a stalwart in the Indian banking sector, driven by its commitment to enrich lives through innovative, customer-centric services, while also staying deeply involved in community development through its CSR initiatives. Explore the bank’s diverse range of products and services to experience banking at its finest.

Upholding Values

IndusInd Bank’s journey has been marked by a strong adherence to ethical standards and corporate governance. The bank’s values of integrity, transparency, and responsible banking have earned it a reputation as a trusted financial partner among customers, investors, and regulators.