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Health Insurance Portability

Health Insurance Portability refers to the ability of an individual to switch their health insurance plan or provider without losing any of the accumulated benefits or coverage. 


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What is meant by Health Insurance Portability?

Health Insurance Portability is an option given to the policyholders to switch their insurers without losing out on accrued benefits from the existing policy. It means that you do not have to lose out on accumulated benefits like NCB and do not have to undergo another waiting period from the new insurer to avail the benefits of the policy.

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How to port?

If you are not satisfied with your existing insurer for any reason, you can always port to another insurer whom you find offers better benefit and services.

  • Step 1 – Choose a better insurer

    You can go online and search for a better insurer that offers value for your money. Do check the feedbacks of their customers from different sites and also check their CSR before finalizing it. You can use a platform like Fincover, which is one-stop platform to compare different insurance providers at one place. Pick the policy that meets your needs and requirements. If you have further clarifications on the policy, you can always contact that particular insurance company.

  • Step 2 -Apply for the Policy

    You can then apply to the new insurer via online or an insurance agent. Please remember that insurance portability must be initiated 45 days prior to the expiration of the current health insurance plan. You must also be aware of the fact not all insurers can guarantee portability as they would evaluate the risks. At times, they may decline your portability request after verification.

  • Step 3 – Fill the Portability Form

    The New Insurance company would provide the portability and proposal form which you will to fill along with supportive documents.

  • Step 4 – Background Verification

    The New Insurance Company initiates background verification where they will investigate your claim -history from the process. Usually, this process takes about 7-14 days for completion.

  • Step 5 – Exchange of Information

    Your existing Insurance provider passes the details requested by your new insurance provider through the IRDAI portal as per the format required for portability.

  • Step 6 – Framing of Proposal

    Upon receiving the information from your previous insurer, the new insurance provider frames a proposal as per their terms and norms.

  • Step 7 – Proposal is sent

    Your new insurer processes the insurance policy and would intimate you on accepting or rejecting your request within 15 days.

Top Health Insurance Plans

Several good plans are available at a cost that will enhance your day.

Top plans

Star Health

  • Min Premium - ₹ 3600/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 11000+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 90%
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Future Generali

  • Min Premium - ₹ 4544/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 6303+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 87.42%
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  • Min Premium - ₹ 6935/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 12000+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 97%
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Manipal Cigna

  • Min Premium - ₹ 6600/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 8500+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 98%
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New India Assurance

  • Min Premium - ₹ 2800/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 8761+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 97%
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  • Min Premium - ₹ 4320/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 2177+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 89%
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  • Min Premium - ₹ 6320/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 5177+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 92%
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  • Min Premium - ₹ 4188/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 8000+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 100%
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Royal Sundaram

  • Min Premium - ₹ 3360/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 8300+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 98%
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Care Health

  • Min Premium - ₹ 5740/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 19000+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 95%
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Care Health

  • Min Premium - ₹ 5740/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 19000+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 95%
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  • Min Premium - ₹ 15636/year
  • Net Work Hospital - 10000+ hospitals
  • Claim settlement Ratio - 90%
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