Tata AIA Life insurance Company

Tata AIA Insurance is a joint collaboration between Tata Limited and AIA Group combining Tata’s expertise in India and AIA’s presence as the largest Pan-Asian insurance group. They offer customized insurance solutions that enable consumers to protect their loved ones and also build their corpus.

Tata AIA has its presence  over 400+ branches all over the country and have protected more than 7 million customers and they have an astronomical INR 62894 crores under AUM. Tata AIA is known for its quick claim settlement ratio of 98.53% and they have a good track record of 4 hours claim settlement. 

Being part of the Tata group, they are constantly striving to improve the life of communities. They have funded some high-value projects that add value to the life of stakeholders.

Vision and Mission

Vision and mission


Tata AIA aspires to be the pre-eminent provider guaranteeing protection, happiness, and enabling worry-free financial future to their customers

Vision and mission


To Provide simple life insurance solutions to the customers without any jargons that are easily understandable to the customers.


  • Best Employer Award for Six Years by Kincentric from 2016-21
  • Extraordinaire Award at the 5th edition of Brand Vision Summit 2019-20
  • Aon Best Employer Award for the fourth consecutive time from 2016-2019
  • InsureTech Company of the Year at 2019 India Insurance Summit & Awards

Life Insurance Policies

Tata AIA Term Insurance Plans

Term insurance is the one of the foremost plans that everyone would require in order to protect their family from any unfortunate events. Tata AIA has upheld the concept of protection and have come up with many insurance plans that you can avail.

  • Sampoorna Raksha Supreme

  • Maha Raksha Supreme

  • Insta Protect Solution

Tata AIA ULIP plans

An Investment at the right time is the right way to build wealth for a future. ULIPs come with the advantage of insurance as well as an Investment. At Tata AIA, you can find an array of ULIPs which will help you grow your money as well protect you against unfortunate events in life.

  • Fortune Maxima

  • Wealth Maxima

  • Fortune Pro

  • Wealth Pro

  • Smart Sampoorna Raksha

Tata AIA Savings Plan

While life insurance guarantees protection against any kinds of unfortunate events, at the same time it is important to build a corpus for the future taking into account factors like inflation. 

Tata AIA has curated an extensive list of savings plans with and without life cover which may allow you to fulfill your financial goals while securing your family by the way.

  • Fortune Guarantee Plus

  • Diamond Savings Plan

  • mart Income Plus

  • Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan

  • Gold Income Plan

  • Money Back Plus

  • Fortune Guarantee

  • Value Income Plan

  • Smart Value Income Plan

Tata AIA Retirement Plans

A retirement life is a well-deserved phase of life where you can relax without the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, in order to have a peaceful and financially secure retirement life, you need to have sufficient wealth so that you lead the life in the way you want. 

Since the regular income no longer comes, you would require a financial support system. Tata AIA has a range of retirement plans which will allow you to build a corpus and enjoy your golden year peacefully. You have the option to choose from annuity plans, guaranteed returns plans, or pension plans.

Tata AIA Group Insurance Plans

Unity is strength. With a Group Insurance plan, every member of your group can enjoy the extended protection in a cost-efficient manner. Whether its a employer-employee group or a general group, Tata AIA offers innovative group insurance solutions that offer complete protection, credit life to cover loan borrowers, and employee group benefit plans to manage gratuity, superannuation and leave encashment benefits.

  • Group Loan Protect

  • Group Sampoorna Raksha

  • Traditional Group Corporate Benefit Plan

  • Group Term Life