Go Digit Car Insurance

Go Digit has emerged as one of the most-promising car insurance providers in the market. Choosing Digit for your car insurance needs can be done in a hassle-free manner and can be done within few minutes online.

Go Digit was incorporated with a mission to simplify insurance products which appeared cumbersome and complicated to the general public earlier. With a mission to make insurance simple, they have reimagined products and redesigned processes. In this journey of theirs, they have developed many cutting-edge insurance solutions. 

Digit’s car insurance policies can be bought in a hassle-free manner and has proved to be very cost-effective. The first thing that bothers a person when buying car insurance is the company’s claim process. Digit’s extensive tie-up with over 6000+ cashless garages means, you can get your cars repaired anytime. With their smartphone-enabled self-inspection, you can arrive at an estimate for repairs within 7 minutes. Perks like doorstep pick-up and drop are value additions that set them apart. No matter what time of the day is, you can always contact their 24/7 support, who would be glad to assist you.

Types of Car Insurance Plans at Go Digit

Go Digit Offers two plans under Car Insurance namely third party and comprehensive policy under. You can cover your bike with cars for a premium amount as low as Rs. 2471

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: A comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages to your own vehicle in addition to the third party vehicle damage
  • Third-Party Liability: It is the common type of insurance which is mandatory according to law. It is the type of insurance where damages and losses to  a third party person or vehicle are covered.

Features of Car Insurance by Go Digit

  • Premiums start from just Rs. 2471
  • No Claim Bonus upto 50%
  • Cashless repair available at more than 6000+ Network Garages
  • Smartphone-enabled claim process. Can be done within 7 minutes
  • Unlimited liability for personal damages, upto 7.5 Lakhs for property/Vehicle damages

What is covered in a Car Insurance at GoDigit?

  • Accidents – Damages that may occur to vehicle or person in an accident or collision
  • Theft – Covers the losses when your car is stolen
  • Fire – Damages to vehicle caused due to accidental fire
  • Natural Disasters – Damages due to flood, cyclone, storm, earthquake, and other disasters
  • Personal Accident – Death or disability of the policyholder in an accident
  • Third Party Losses – Damages and losses to third party vehicle and persons

Exclusions in a Go Digit Car Insurance Plan

  • Own Damages for Third Party Cover
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Consequential Damages
  • Contributory Negligence (such as driving in a flooded area)
  • Having not sufficient add-ons

Add-on covers available with Go Digit Car Insurance Plans

Go Digit offers a range of add-ons that you can add to your comprehensive insurance policy to avail enhanced coverage and stay completely secured.

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: Zero depreciation cover is used to nullify the depreciation value of your car and gives you the full value of the replacement items during a claim
  • Return to Invoice Cover: In case of theft or damages beyond repair, having this cover helps you get back the complete invoice value of the car
  • Breakdown Assistance: Breakdown assistance gives you the benefit of seeking assistance during any time your car breaks down
  • Consumables Cover: A Consumables cover gives your car a complete protection covering all the nitty grtties such as screws, nuts, bolts, chain lube etc
  • Gear Protection Box: Engine covers the maximum expense in a vehicle. With a Engine and Protection cover, you can specifically cover the life of the car
  • Key and Lock protect: This add-on helps you in the replacement of lockset in the event of  damage or attempted  theft
  • Daily Conveyance Benefit: It ensures that the policyholder gets compensated for a daily transport when the insurance is in the garage for repairing
  • Loss to Personal Belongings: If the policyholder suffers loss of personal belongings, it will be compensated by the insurer

Exclusions in a Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

  • Own damage for Third Party Liability Policyholders
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Using the vehicle for illegal purposes
  • Consequential Damages 
  • Contributory Negligence such as driving in the flood

How to File a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim?

Go Digit is known for their super-fast claim processing. You will have to follow these simple steps,

  • During claim inspection, lots of time goes through surveying. In order to avoid the same, Digit has created their own smartphone-enabled self-inspection process that helps you check for damages.  Within seven minutes, you can arrive at an estimate
  • Once you let you know  the insurance company after an accident, you can get your vehicles repaired in any of the 6000+ network garages
  • Everything is paperless, and can be uploaded online. The whole process is simple
Yes, Go Digit offers pick up, repair, and drop facilities for vehicles insured by them. Call their toll free at 1800-258-5956 and provide the insurance details along with the location from where you need your car to be picked up.
Go Digit has partnered with over 6000+ Network Garages all over the country through which you can get your bikes repaired in a cashless way