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Taurus Mutual Fund

Explore the commitment to excellence, diverse investment solutions, and the advantages that position Taurus Mutual Fund as your steadfast partner in wealth creation.

History of Taurus Mutual Fund

Established in 1993, Taurus Mutual Fund boasts a rich legacy as one of India’s first private mutual fund houses. They were also among the early adopters of online operations, demonstrating their commitment to technological innovation.

Taurus is a unique equity-only fund house that continuously strives to empower people with unique and innovative solutions. They have their presence all over the country and their distribution network is supported by more than 6000 Point of Sale persons. Total Asset under Management (AUM) of Taurus AMC is ₹700 Cr

Vision and mission


Empowering investors with data-driven wisdom to achieve long-term financial goals, building resilient portfolios for a brighter future.

Vision and mission


Unlock exceptional value through disciplined investing. Grow wealth & empower investors for a brighter future.

Top 5 Performing Taurus Mutual Funds by Category


Fund Name

1 Year Return (%)

3 Year Return (%)

AUM (Cr)

Taurus Large Cap Fund




Taurus Midcap Fund




Taurus Ethical Fund




Taurus Infrastructure Fund (G)




Taurus Flexi Cap Fund (G)




Advantages of investing with Taurus Mutual Fund

  • Wealth creation and Wealth Management: People have different financial objectives; some of them would want wealth creation while some would be looking for ways to effectively manage their wealth. Taurus Mutual Fund provide financial solutions that balance their returns and risk effectively. It effectively results in long term wealth creation while also providing you with significant short term wealth
  • Our Products: Products are designed keeping in mind the financial needs of customers. They aim to achieve balanced portfolio through effective asset allocation that ensures high returns
  • Expert Fund managers In order to effectively manage your investments, it is imperative for every fund house to have skilled fund managers with a niche towards wealth creation. Taurus houses insightful, market-wise, and judicious fund managers that are quit to spot the trend and tailor strategies for effective financial growth
  • Commitment to Investor Education: Committed to fostering financial literacy, Taurus Mutual Fund actively contributes to investor education, ensuring that investors are well-informed and empowered throughout their financial journey.

  • Fund Performance: Their schemes are designed in a way that it performs consistently not only to create wealth but also to preserve it. It’s the reason why Taurus Mutual Fund consistently earn awards for best funds

How to Invest in the Taurus Mutual Fund Online?

To invest in TAURUS Mutual Fund from the comfort of your home, just follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Fincover account.
  2. Complete the KYC verification process by Uploading valid documentation and identity proofs as per requirements.
  3. Click on Mutual Funds under investments, enter a few details
  4. Select the best TAURUS Mutual Fund scheme as per your investment horizon and risk appetite.
  5. If you’re making a lump sum investment, click on the ‘Buy Now’ option.
  6. If you are starting an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), select ‘Start SIP’.