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What is Electric Bike Insurance?

Electric Bikes have become a rage in India owing to factors like rising fuel costs, curbing emissions, and low maintenance. At present, the Indian e-bike market is valued at USD 2.1 million and is expected to reach USD 12.3 million, recording a CAGR of 37.75% during the forecast period. It is now clear that electric bikes have picked up steam in the Indian market. 

Now that everyone wants to get into the e-Bike bandwagon, one has to understand having insurance is required for e-Bikes as well. Similar to the normal bikes, there are third party cover and own damage cover available. The policy works similar to the policies of the normal bikes

Why is Electric Bike insurance important?

  • Having a Insurance Policy for your bikes is mandatory in India to comply with the legal norms according to Motor Vehicle act 1988
  • E-bikes though being environment friendly are not immune to danger. You could still injure yourself or the opponent while riding them. So, it is better to be insured so that you will not have to suffer through financial woes in the event of any unfortunate event
  • E-bikes, despite being simple to ride, have several complex mechanical and electrical parts that can give you trouble at any time, so having insurance can help should there be an unfortunate event.

Bike Insurance Companies

Types of e-bike Insurance Covers


Third-party liability insurance

Third-party insurance provides financial compensation to the third party in the event of damage to the bike or bodily harm due to an accident caused by your electric bike.


Comprehensive Two-wheeler policy

A Comprehensive cover provides financial compensation for damage to your bike in addition to the third party vehicle. You can also get enhanced protection through add-ons

Inclusions in an e-bike Insurance
  • Accidents – Damages and collisions which may occur while you are commuting
  • Theft – Covers the losses for your bike upto IDV in the event of theft
  • FireCovers for the damages and losses to your bike due to an accidental fire
  • Natural DisastersCovers your bike against Natural Disasters like Cyclone, Storm, and flood
  • Personal AccidentCovers for your expenses if you meet in an unfortunate accident
  • Third Party Liability – Covers the expenses if your bike causes damage to a third party in an accident
  • Personal Accident Cover – It provides financial aid in the event you are injured in an accident or when it causes death
Exclusions in an e-bike insurance
  • Own Damages for Third Party Cover – If you just have a Third Party Cover, then the policy will not provide coverage for the damage for your vehicle in an accident
  • Driving under influence – If you are found to have driven the vehicle under the influence of any intoxicating substance like alcohol or drugs, you will lose the coverage
  • Driving without a valid license – If you are found to have driven the vehicle without proper license or documents, then you will not receive any compensation 
  • Contributory Negligence – The Insurer is not liable to provide compensation for contributory negligence such as driving in the flood against the warning or similar events.
  • Consequential Damage – Any kind of damage that is not a direct result of the accident is termed as consequential damage and the insurance company will provide compensation for it
  • Wear and Tear – All vehicles undergo wear and tear in due course of time. The Insurance Company is not liable to provide any kinds of compensation for wear and tear.

Why buy e-bike Insurance at fincover?

Buying an insurance policy for your e-bikes is not a cumbersome process. You can easily buy in a site like ours which lets you compare quotes from different insurers

  • Minimal Documentation – Cut the hassles of long and tedious form-filling and buy your policy in few minutes
  • Less Cumbersome – Instead of going through the clutter of picking the best insurance, we would provide the best quote that matches your requirement
  • Unbiased approach – We work with a neutral approach in an unbiased manner keeping the goodwill of the customers. 
  • 24/7 Support – For any kind of purchase/renewal related queries regarding E-bike Insurance, you can always reach us anytime
How to buy

How to buy an e-bike insurance policy?

Fincover gets you the best insurance available in the market,

  • Log on to “www.fincover.com”
  • Click on Electric Bikes under Motor Insurance Policy 
  • Enter your bike model and number
  • Choose Buy Insurance or Renew Insurance 
  • Insurance policies from various insurance companies will be displayed
  • Analyse and choose the best policy suited to your needs
  • Pay the e-bike insurance premium using your preferred payment method


You can learn more from our asked questions
E-bikes with a power of less than 250W or top speed of less than 25 Kmph are exempted from buying Mandatory third party insurance. However, most e-bikes manufactured these days in India have specifications more than this, so, it is better to buy an e-bike insurance and stay protected
It is very easy to purchase a e-bike insurance policy in a site like Fincover. We have tie-ups with all leading two wheeler insurers in India and can give you the best deal for your e-bike insurance policy
The add-ons for e-bike insurance policy generally vary from insurer to insurer.
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