5 Reasons why Bike Insurance is Important?

Bikes have made our lives extremely comfortable. Whether it is commuting to the office or any other place, you can do it easily. One of the most arduous things is driving in traffic. Opting for a two-wheeler has significantly eased this issue.

Just like how the two-wheeler has its own set of advantages, with it comes plenty of risks too. For example, you could meet in an accident causing an injury to you and the pillion rider as well or even damage to the bike. These types of incidents are not uncommon, it is the reason why everyone should have insurance.

Why Bike Insurance is Important?

Below are five important reasons why buying a bike insurance policy is significant.

  • According to the motor vehicles act, insuring a bike is mandatory. If anybody has bought a new bike, then he/she has to buy an insurance policy compulsorily
  • The majority of Indian roads are in bad condition, leaving the chances of accidents wide open. Being in an accident can have terrible consequences. Aside from bodily harm and injuries, your bike is also likely to endure major damage. Loss of money is inevitable in these circumstances. Having a bike insurance policy during these circumstances helps a lot. Bike Insurance will compensate for the damages to the vehicle as well as injuries.
  • If you are residing in an area that is prone to natural disasters like landslides, earthquakes, etc. your bikes are more likely to get damaged. Having bike insurance helps as they compensate for the losses you may endure due to natural disasters
  • Multiple add-on covers come along with bike insurance that can help you recover costs incurred against damages. For example, add-ons like pillion cover may ensure you get coverage for the pillion rider if they are injured in an accident. It is up to the users to carefully review their needs and wants and choose the best cover for their bike that could offer protection at all times.
  • Buying a Bike Insurance policy costs only a marginal amount. However, if you don’t have one, apart from the legal liability of not owning bike insurance, you may also need to shell out a lot of money to repair the damaged vehicle.
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