What is Student Travel Insurance Policy and why is it essential?

Student Travel Insurance

These are days when so many students travel abroad for study purposes. Apart from the college fees, accomodation, and travel, they have to look for their safety too. Since the students get to live in a new country, they have to be extra cautious. Should there any unfortunate event happen, they must be well-prepared for it. These events can take a toll on your finances. This is where Travel Insurance comes into picture.

What is Student Travel Insurance?

Student Travel Insurance is designed for students who are travelling abroad for study purpose. It provides financial compensation to them in the event of any unfortunate event that happens during their stay abroad.


  1. Students between the age group of 18-35
  2. The university you study must be well reputed and established
  3. Students should enroll on a full time basis
  4. Only one travel insurance per student is allowed

Components of Student Travel Insurance,


As always with any travel insurance, the baggage that you carry in your trip is covered. Since students generally carry laptop, smartphones, tablets, and other elecronic gadgets, special coverage is provided for damage as well as loss of such devices

Personal Liability

This clause covers you in the event you are responsible for any damage to any person/property during your stay abroad. For example, if there is any damage incurred to your rented apartment that owes to you, the student travel insurance policy would cover you.

Medical Expenses

At times, you may feel sick during your stay abroad owing to change of weather, food, and various other issues. Hence, it is important that you opt for an insurance which includes health coverage as well.

Compassionate Visit

Most travel insurance cover the cost of parent’s trip to the foreign country where their children study, on a compassionate grounds. Some insurers even offer the two way tickets to students especially during medical emergencies in their family

Gap in studies

At times, your course may be interrupted due to some unfortunate incidents that may occur. To avoid such instances, you should seek a travel insurance policy which covers the interruption in studies.

Inclusions in Student Travel Insurance Policy,

  • Medical emergencies while staying abroad
  • Accidental injuries
  • Dental Treatment
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Loss of Luggage
  • Loss of Passport
  • Reimbursement of the paid semester fees, if the student has to discontinue the course due to medical emergency

Exclusions in Student Travel Insurance Policy,

  • Pre existing medical complications
  • Traveling against the medical advise issued by doctors
  • Sexually Transmitted diseases
  • Being under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Damage incurred due to war, invasion by foreign countries
  • Participation in any kind of crime


Student Travel Insurance is a must have document for all students travelling abroad as it ensures  their safety. There are multiple insurers offering various kinds of insurance policies to students. In the event you are looking for one, look no further than Fincover. At Fincover, you can find a collection of best travel insurance policies at attractive discounts in one place. Let us know your requirement and we would help you buy the perfect policy that covers you needs  and wants

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