Health Insurance at Different Stages of our lives

Health Insurance at Different Stages of our lives

Since the Corona Pandemic hit the world, it has turned the world upside down. Having impacted every facet of our lives, it has brought in a new normal in all types of industries. One of the things this pandemic taught is the importance of medical insurance. In a nation like India with a vast population, every citizen must have access to proper healthcare facilities. Without medical insurance, it is hard to tackle pandemics like Coronavirus or even a common health issue without burning a hole in the pocket. This pandemic has hard hit most people who weren’t wise enough to have a health insurance plan. 

Most Insurance policies offer cashless hospitalization through their network hospitals. It relieves the pressure from the hospitalization process and makes it seamless. 

At most stages of our lives, we may have to deal with a medical emergency. Having medical insurance will help you take care of the hospitalization expenses. Aside from the money, health insurance will also relieve you from stress and trauma. 

Therefore, everyone must have a proper health insurance plan for themselves as well as their families to deal with medical emergencies. Here we would briefly touch upon how health insurance helps an individual and his family at various stages of their lives.

  1. Single

No one is indispensable during occurrences like a Corona Pandemic. This Coronavirus has affected even the strongest of individuals who required hospital admission to get required. Coronavirus is one among the many types of illness that could emerge on a largescale given the changing landscape of the world. Hence, if you are single, do not underestimate the necessity of a health insurance plan. It could turn out to be a life-saving option during adverse medical scenarios.

Today’s youngsters are more susceptible to lifestyle-oriented diseases like diabetes and blood pressure and their related comorbidities, thanks to the high-pressure work environment and a sedentary lifestyle. Purchasing individual health insurance at a young age is a wise option as most companies don’t ask for medical tests for youngsters. As you age, getting health insurance with any existing illness may be problematic. So it is advised to purchase individual health insurance as young as possible and keep it active all times. An Individual health plan might come in handy during any medical emergencies that could pop up at any time.

  1. Marriage

The most important part of our life is our marriage. Once you get married, your responsibility increases as you are in together for a long road ahead. It is essential to get your spouse insured. A family health insurance will cover you and your family under a fixed sum insured. 

Since health issues could emerge without an alarm, it is essential to secure the health of your beloved ones. A Family health insurance policy provides assured coverage to all the enrolled members of a family up to the sum insured. You can enhance the sum insured as you age. You also have the option to add rides like personal accident and critical illness cover. 

  1. Maternity

There are multiple medical expenses one has to endure during childbirth or even before the delivery. Some are pre-natal care, maternity complications, and post-natal complications. 

By going for medical insurance with maternity cover, you can take care of all these expenses. From hospital stay, delivery costs to medicines and vaccinations for the newborn, a health insurance plan with maternity cover as an additional ride will allow you to cherish the happiest moment of your life without any stress. 

  1. Senior Citizen

It is the stage of your life where you would inevitably require some healthcare. It is the time where you are vulnerable to different kinds of illness. You cannot afford to pay your hospitalization bills from your pocket, as it would drain your savings and put your future under a question mark. Therefore, well-constructed senior citizen insurance is mandatory. 

Some insurance companies have policies that cover pre-existing disease after a waiting period, while some don’t. It is wise to go for a more considerable sum assured as it would ensure you do not drain your savings on your treatment. You have an option to get covered under a family floater insurance policy bought by your son or daughter or go separate senior citizen insurance as per your medical needs.


As to the adage, health is wealth; keeping sound health is very important at various stages of your life. To do so, you do not have any better companion than health insurance, which will ensure your well-being even during adverse medical conditions. As our roles and priorities keep changing continuously, it is advised to periodically review our medical insurance policies to ensure we remain protected at all times.

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