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HDFC bank Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

Calculate your eligibility for a personal loan from HDFC Bank using our easy-to-use online calculator. Determine your loan amount, tenure, and interest rate eligibility instantly


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HDFC bank Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

Check your loan eligibility in less than a minute. HDFC Bank offers personal loans upto Rs. 40 Lakhs with a tenure up to 5 years. Experience the convenience of an HDFC personal loan, your solution to all financial goals. Whether it’s a planned expense or unplanned expense, a personal loan makes it much easier. With seamless access to funds and quick and hassle-free loan processing, HDFC Bank is your go-to place for personal loans.

Personal loan eligibility at HDFC Bank

Eligibility CriteriaRequirement
Age21 to 60 years (salaried individuals)
Minimum Net Monthly IncomeTypically Rs. 20,000 and above (may vary)
Minimum Work ExperienceGenerally, at least 2 years of total work experience
Minimum CIBIL ScoreUsually 650 and above (may vary)
Employment TypeSalaried individuals in permanent employment
Loan AmountUp to a certain percentage of the net monthly income
Loan TenureGenerally, up to 5 years (may vary)

Additional Factors Affecting Personal Loan Eligibility

In addition to the baseline criteria outlined above, lenders may consider several other factors when evaluating your personal loan eligibility:

Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI): This metric represents the percentage of your gross monthly income allocated towards debt obligations, including existing loans, credit card balances, and housing expenses. Lenders typically prefer a DTI of 43% or lower, indicating that your debt burden is manageable.

Employment Stability: A stable employment history demonstrates your ability to generate consistent income, making you a less risky borrower. Lenders generally prefer applicants who have been employed with their current employer for at least two years.

Credit History: Your credit history provides lenders with insights into your past borrowing behavior and repayment habits. A good credit history, typically reflected in a credit score of 750 or above, indicates a responsible financial approach.


FAQ on HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

How accurate is the HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility calculator?

HDFC bank sophisticated and proprietary algorithms that takes into account various factors such as monthly income, existing debts, and interest rate to arrive at a amount which will be close to reality

What are the factors affecting my eligibility while applying for a Personal Loan?

Several factors determine your personal loan eligibility including your monthly income, existing loans or liabilities, credit score, age, employment status, and repayment capacity

Will I get the exact amount shown in HDFC Personal Loan eligibility calculator?

While the calculator provides a good estimate of the amount you will receive, always remember, the final amount disbursed is entirely at the discretion of the bank

Can I apply for a personal loan directly through the HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator?

No, the HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator is a tool designed to help you assess your eligibility for a personal loan. You can either apply through Fincover website or directly in the portal of HDFC bank

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